Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whippet and Child 9x12


  1. First I like the gesture of the two figures. The childs posture, so straight, is just like some of my little students when they come to school with their hair fixed all up or wearing something new that they are proud of. On the other hand the dog has a very humble posture, with its curved back and head drooping down. Then the colors, Wow! So much color and how did you decide to put the hot pink on the dog? It really works though. This is a really appealing painting.

  2. Doug,
    Glad you like this piece. If I have the choice to keep it in my personal collection I will. It depends on my production for my next big show! I used the pink hue in the Whippet to show reflected color, though I do tend to push to the extreme ranges of color sometimes! The color on the original may be a step less intense, but I did keep the overall colors very saturated. The subjects portrayed were from two separate location photos but I was fortunate to merge both together believably. I've used the whippet photo, from Paris in three canvases, In all three instances, I've placed the head of the dog very close to the right edge of the frame. the raking light angle has allowed the placement due to the contrast focus is on the rib areas rather than the head of the dog and allows the eye to not follow off the canvas edge.