Thursday, November 17, 2011

Repossessed 11x14

While painting plein air, one beautiful morning, this 9x12 was proving to get the best of me.  I pronounced this one of my worst attempts, ever.  Emotionally exhausted, and artistically challenged,  I went home, threw it into the "paint over" bin,  and tried to get over the experience of  failing on such a beautiful outing!  
The next day after calming down a bit., I saw a few things I liked about the piece,  especially the composition and prominent patterns, and maybe some subtle broken color. Truly, there was little drawing in the piece.  I discovered that if  I squinted my eyes, at the seemingly fractured mess, I could determine there was clearly, an ACTUAL fractured mess! Subsequently,  after repeated deliberation,  I decided to give it a chance to escape  Failed Panel Purgatory.
As it happened, the next week,  I entered it into Plein Air Southwest.  Of course, it didn't win any awards,  nor has it sold as of yet; but several of my artist friends (now my best friends) loved it and made it a point to comment on it.  I enjoy looking at it when I see it and will be glad when it comes home to my personal collection.  Go figure.

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